Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Capitol and Washington DC visit September 17, 2009 - On Thursday, September 17
we did not bike but instead took the Metro up to the Rayburn Building and visited the Capitol, which included spending some time with our Congressional Representative Todd Tiahrt. After a nice chat we were given a private tour of the Capitol by one of his staff. The tour included sitting in on some voting in the House that involved Pell Grants. Saw a few notable congressmen in addition to Representative Tiahrt, Patrick Kennedy, Henry Waxman, and Barney Frank. Everyone went in different directions on the Mall, Dana and I took in the National Botanical Gardens and the Museum of American History. Here is the Picasa link to the 900 or so pictures I took of our trek.

Washington DC September 16, 2009 - Roger, Braden and I went to Alexandria to pick-up my rental car. Once we all got back to the motel I loaded up my bike and gave Roger, Lynda and Braden over to DC. Roger was having lunch with an old friend who now works as an attorney at the Treasury Department, Braden and Lynda wanted to start their assault on visiting Smithsonian Museums. I dropped them all off close to the White House and Treasury Department Offices and headed to Georgetown. I found the bike shop that someone had recommended, Revolution Cycles, for shipping my bike back to Wichita. I later discovered that Revolution had fitted President Bush for a Trek mountain bike and I believe had some bike related dealings with President Clinton. We got my IF bike ready for shipping and I headed for Pete's Barber Shop in Alexandria in anticipation of Dana's arrival tomorrow and our visit to the Capitol. That evening I took Roger, Braden and Lynda to Alexandria for dinner.


  1. Thanks for posting the nice pictures. Now I have a million questions to ask everyone.

  2. Jack... Interesting to note... when I was in DC this spring I took some of the exact same pictures you did. I also have some identical pictures from the Allegheny Highlands trail too. I am glad that you finished your trip. It must really have been a lot of fun. It must have been sad to bring it to a close. What is next? I may be going to DC for the Marine Corps Marathon in October. Hope all is well. Thanks for the information and pictures. Now I must do this trip myself on my handcycle.

  3. Jeffery - Hopefully we can answer your questions.
    Tom - Heading to DC on the Allegheny and C&O will be nice but bumpy after Cumberland. Good luck if you do the Marine Corps. I did it some years ago really enjoyed it hope you do too.

  4. Kansas Jack,
    Nice to see all the pix. I see Braden couldn't wait to get that beard off! Glad you guys made it, not that there was any doubt.
    Next time you see me look for someone riding upright and proud just like Art. I bought a Trek 7300 Hybrid. So far i like it. Has a nice 32 tooth climbing gear.
    Keep the rubber side down. Jim

  5. Jim,yes Braden shaved as soon as possible after our arrival. Sounds like you haved joined the Art School of Touring. Good to hear from you KJ

  6. It has been a long time since I last saw the two of you, and I wonder if you'll even remember such a brief meeting as ours was... But I will never for get it for the rest of my life. I met you in a diner in Cheboyagan MI. We talked briefly, and then well... You let me ride with you to the groomed trail that led to mullet lake. I asked you that day if you thought that I could make the ride from Cheboyagan to Mackinaw and you both assured me that I could. On your advise, and because of your inspiration I did make that trip the next day. Along the way I pondered the connections between inspiration and spontaneity. I sang, out loud, for the first time in years. I even stopped for an hour on the shore of lake Huron and fell asleep for just a moment in the sand. Only a 32 mile round trip it was the farthest I had ever gone on a bike 3 fold!
    I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Thank you, and Congratulations!
    I'd like to share with you what I concluded at the end of that ride..."I do not know how spontaneity, and inspiration are directly connected, but I am sure that they are equally significant in the pursuit of freedom"
    Henry Kiluk
    Dearbron MI
    October 27, 2009 11:47 PM