Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back in the USA Via Ontario

Erie, PA to Meadville, PA September 3, 2009 - We left Erie, PA for some of our last views of Lake Erie. Covered about 15 miles through Erie and the surrounding area. Climbed some hills to get into the countryside. After climbing for about 10 more miles or so we had a nice run after the hills and got into Meadville early with no problems other than not being able to find a campsite. The result was not bad, a local woman we met on the street came to our aide and found us a nice Bed and Breakfast just off of the city center of Meadville. Tonight we stay at Mayor Lord's B and B.

Irving, NY to Erie, PA September 2, 2009 - This was a very nice day of we followed the Seaway Trail and the Chautauqua Wine route. Lots of grape fields as we followed along the shoreline of Lake Erie. We stopped in Dunkirk, NY and visited a relative of one of the Oz Bike Club members who calls Dunkirk her hometown. We averaged 11.6 mph or better for the day, with the bikes loaded at around 45 pounds of gear or so that was a good day, the ride was about 65 miles. After entering PA and heading to Erie we started hitting some traffic, hills and congestion we found out way to Lampe Landing campground for the night. Braden and Lynda went into town to celebrate their anniversary, the rest of called Alfie's Pizza for a delivery at the camp. It was a very nice camp but we were tortured through the night with unusual bells, whistles and odd noises from a nearby Coke plant.

Niagara Falls, Ontario to Irving, NY September 1, 2009 - It is Day 73 time to shuffle off to Buffalo, we were all up early at the hostel today we part company with our friends from Maine. Charley, our Host, posed for pictures in front of the hostel with us and we headed back down through Niagara Falls and to the Friendship Trail heading back toward the US. We went back to Buffalo and the Peace Bridge the same way we came to Niagara Falls. Had a nice brunch ,at a marina just north of Buffalo on the Niagara River. There is no Canadian Bacon in Canada that I could find but had some fine peameal bacon which is essentially Canadian Bacon. On to the Peace Bridge and crossing over to Buffalo from Fort Erie. We had quite a time after we got into Buffalo. After following a bike path we had to navigate through some sketchy parts of Buffalo. When the dust settled we were south of Buffalo along the banks of Lake Erie. Had a nice lunch at Hoak's along Highway 5 (shrimp and scallops for me) followed the Seaway Trail to Evangola State Park-Irving, NY.

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